Balarc Foundation

Balarc partners with community-based organisations, self-help groups, and networks, providing them with technical, institutional, and financial support for the welfare and rights of Populations at Risk (PAR), defined by Balarc as those whose behaviours cause them to be at risk of contracting sexual diseases. It specifically works to accelerate the development of medical treatment for HIV and improve sexual health. It also helps Populations at Risk develop educational and vocational skills.

Balarc is often involved in community building and development, including facilitating the establishment of new community-based organizations for Populations at Risk and other marginalised populations. It also assists non-government organizations, and district partners in developing their own self-help HIV and skill-building services.


Because Populations at Risk are highly targeted and socially excluded, leading to harassment, violence, and sexual abuse, Balarc is involved in advocacy and developing policies at the local, national, and international level, helping create a just and safe environment for PAR.